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  Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and Therapy 

  The Chinese Journal of Interventional Imaging and Therapy (CJIIT) was established in September 2004. It is a national level academic journal supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and sponsored by the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Science (IACAS). In the field of interventional imaging and therapy, interventional ultrasound, interventional materials and methods, pharmacology and nursing, CJIIT provides comprehensive coverage of new findings and developments in both clinical research and theory research. The journal aims at academic high level and creativity as well as technical advancement and practicality. Timeliness, authenticity and readability are the standards for news reports in this journal. 

  CJIIT is a monthly journal with 64 pages of big 16 mo and color printing on coated paper. Every issue of CJIIT costs ¥16, and the subscription price per year is ¥192. 

  Editor-in-chief: ZOU Yinghua 

  Competent Authorities: The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 

  Sponsor: Institute of Acoustics Chinese Academy of Sciences 

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  E-mail: cjiit@mail.ioa.ac.cn 

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